A Bittersweet Transition

To the wonderful Tapestry community,

We have tidings of big change. The current Tapestry website readtapestry.com will be closing its doors and we will be removing the app from the App Store in just over one month: on September 3rd, 2014. 

Tapestry is transitioning from the public storytelling platform it is today to one for telling brand stories (more to come on this). We’re thrilled about the new possibilities this brings for Tapestry but saddened our direct relationship with all of you is coming to a close. You’ve shaped who we will be going forward, that is certain.


All tapestries will be accessible in a full-screen browser version. Simply copy the new link provided at the top of ever story page:

With the link provided, you will be able to read, tap and enjoy any tapestry in the browser. They will look like this.

You will still be able to embed your stories on any personal websites BUT NOTE: all old embed codes must be updated. Please replace older embed codes with the updated ones provided on our site.

If you have any questions about accessing your stories, do not hesitate to ask by sending an e-mail to howdy@readtapestry.com.

Finally, we could not be more proud of the Tapestry community and library. Thank you so much for your influence, creativity and kind, kind messages these past two years. Because of you, Tapestry was a space where artists created wonderful, original content and for that we are grateful.

<3 Tapestry